Cycle Recovery


Ever wondered what you would do if you were unlucky enough to suffer an irreparable failure on your bike, have an accident and not be able to cycle home? A Cycle Recovery may be the answer.

Although not provided directly by The South Wales Bicycle Company, we recommend:



Just £1.25 per month for a dedicated 24hrs, 365 days a year service!

  • Punctures, accidents, vandalism, and irreparable breakdowns are covered.
  • Assistance more than 1 mile away from home anywhere in the UK.
  • Up to 3 callouts per policy year.
  • Message service to notify family/employer of situation.
  • Rider and cycle to be taken to one of the following:
    •       Cycle Repair Shop
    •       Railway Station
    •       Car Rental Agency
    •       Overnight Accommodation
    •       Home Address
  • Access our specialist legal team:
    • In the event of a non-fault accident, our legal team can help you recover  compensation for your injuries and financial losses including help with medical care and interim payments, cycle replacement and repair, replacement for damaged property and clothing and policy excess recovery.

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